Jen was an invaluable resource for me during quite a few rough patches with my then 4-year-old son. What I love about her is her ability to see situations from a child's perspective to better understand their behavior. And she does it in such a compassionate, down-to-earth way that's so comforting. Immediately, you feel like all of you––adult, child, therapist––are on the same team trying to find the win. She would remind me that the negative behavior was simply a symptom, and that we needed to find out what was at the heart of it. As a first-time parent of a strong-willed child, I would tend to think years and years ahead, overly stressed about potential problems down the road. And I also just felt like a failure as a parent.

Jen is so great at calmly and positively focusing on the current problem and the factors that may be contributing to it today, all the while constantly reminding me of my child’s inherent goodness. And my goodness as a parent. Dealing with a highly challenging child can feel so isolating. Jen always made me feel supported, never judged and normal. Once we figured out the root of my son’s behavior, we were able to come up with strategies that turned my helplessness into tangible, real-world action items I could focus on. And even when we would have some sporadic but extremely upsetting low points, she remained steady in her message, reiterating the things that previously worked. All the while she was somehow able to crack me up with her spot-on sense of humor, keeping me sane and reminding me that even during tense parental challenges we can’t forget to laugh. It is her positivity, along with her genuine love of children, that is godsend. I am so happy to say that Jen was right. It’s been a couple years since she helped us and our son is now in first grade and doing great at school and at home. He is an empathetic, confident person, an incredibly loving son and older brother, and able to regulate his emotions and reactions in a healthy way now. I will always be grateful for Jen for being there for me and for the tools she equipped me with.  

- Melissa, mother of 2