The family activities encouraged connection among us.  As parents, it was a reminder that we're not crazy. Oftentimes, the trauma-parenting life is marked by isolation. Friends and family members inexperienced with trauma either don't know how to help, or try to help in ways that are unhelpful (e.g. saying things like, "Oh, all kids do that..."). It might not seem like a big deal, but it was really important to me that y'all understood exactly what we were talking about when we would discuss our kids' behaviors. And not only that, you gave us strategies to help address those issues too!

Furthermore, the process of reflecting upon our kids' behaviors (and our responses to them) was beneficial. After the first few sessions, I remember feeling like a light had been shined onto various habits, bad strategies and patterns that we had developed in response to our kids' behavior.

You guys were such a great resource for us over the last several months, and I know that we will continue to rely upon your expertise in the future. Thank you for your passion for this work.

- Jeff, father of 4